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Musica VItae

Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra is the ensemble that brings live music – indeed the music of life – to each and every individual member of the audience. The vast realm that is art music is handled with the utmost precision and elegance by its 15 string players. The repertoire consists of baroque and romantic as well as modernist and contemporary music from a wide variety of genres.

Listening to Musica Vitae is intimate and close, magnificent and dramatically colorful. Spearheaded by Artistic Director Malin Broman the ensemble presents musically unconventional constellations, continually forging new ties with leading soloists, conductors and composers worldwide.

Musica Vitae appear on stages big and small in Sweden and abroad. Internationally, the orchestra has been warmly greeted in China, the United States, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Spain to name but a few countries. Their versatile repertoire is regularly seen, heard and reviewed in digital and print media.


A part of Musik i Syd

Musica Vitae is a part of Musik i Syd. We who work with and love music know how important music is for many people. Music arouses emotions, provides comfort, joy and a sense of belonging, and can help one develop as a person. Music tells the tale of life – music is an essential part of life.

Musik i Syd is a music institution in the Skåne and Kronoberg regions of Sweden that aims to give people access to creative and live music experiences. Its activities are part of a cultural policy assignment and it works to realise the goals of an active cultural policy that strives to make live music accessible even outside the major cities. Musik i Syd’s various initiatives and programmes provide adults and children in the region with the opportunity to experience high-quality music in places where it would otherwise not be possible to produce and provide such a range of music events.


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Autumn season 2017

Read all about Musica Vitae's autumn concerts here: Download program as pdf

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